Will we be prepared for a 40-hour workday?

The reduction of the working day to 40 hours will be a central issue of the next Government. It worries companies and industries. Due to the reality, we are experiencing, is it convenient to demand this change from companies and collaborators?

Those who have voluntarily reduced their working hours have observed positive impacts on the quality of life of their collaborators and even equal or better results in their business. Mostly, these companies have done so supported by technology and improving their processes to increase the efficiency and productivity of workers. It is about offering the same service or product in less time.

Although these conditions are becoming more accessible, they are not easy to implement at full scale and require an increase in a professional capacity; something difficult to achieve without adequate resources.

Moving towards the reduction of working hours seems to be possible in a technological and efficient world, but its implementation will inevitably bring a cost, or rather an investment, which the current bill does not cover, generating greater uncertainty amid multiple crises that we face and that threaten the economic sustainability of companies.

Francisco Larraín

Doctor of Education, MBA. experience in the sectors of education, non-profit institutions and people management in private companies. Director of continuing education and postgraduate programs. Specialized in organizational and people development, design of organizational transformation processes, and capacity development for the implementation of improvements.