Welcome to the team! Lautaro Manríquez C.

We would like to welcome our new partner in the mining sector, Lautaro Manriquez Callejas. Lautaro has more than 37 years of experience in executive, managerial and operational positions, mainly in the Mining Industry, in addition to his recognized career as a professional consultant in various industries at national and international levels.

“We are very happy to bring in Lautaro because our experience, combined with his, will help clients in this sector to be more efficient in markets where cost control is becoming more and more critical.” (Jorge Ihnen A. – Head Associate Addval Consulting).

¿What do you expect from this new challenge? “I am very excited about this challenge. We will look at critical aspects of mining to optimize costs and processes.” (Lautaro Manríquez, Addval Head Associate Mining Sector).


Civil Industrial Engineer: UGM.


National Mining Award: 2012

CEO’s Management Program: Kellogg School.

Mining Economics: Universidad de Chile.

Change Management: LSE.

Soil Mechanics: PUC.

Military Engineer: Escuela Militar.

Welcome Lautaro!

Jorge Ihnen A.

Head Associate Addval.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration: PUC

Master’s in industrial engineering.

Expert in business efficiency.

More than 29 years of experience in operational processes. Former Vice President of Operations at LATAM Airlines.