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Our Proposal

At ADDVAL, we believe that the best way to help our clients is to understand their businesses, challenges and needs. We want our clients to be more competitive through efficient management, transparency, analytical capabilities and timely information. We want to deliver innovative ideas to improve the growth and adaptive potential of organizations. We want to be close to our clients, be part of their teams and strive to achieve common goals.


We help our clients to be more efficient through innovative process solutions, effective purchasing and procurement systems, and organizational structures.

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We provide advice on corporate finance processes and decisions, company acquisitions and mergers, asset valuation, and reorganization of financial liabilities.

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We analyze and help plan our client’s tax compliance from an efficient and comprehensive perspective, with a thorough knowledge of the business and current regulations which may affect them.

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We review and ensure that our client’s financial statements reflect the state of their business and add value to the efficient management of process control and information assurance.

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We feel that we are part of our client's team. This allows us to handle the company's transactions securely and efficiently, giving proper management control and decision making.

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We provide effective tools and processes for the administration, management and development of the organization and its talent.

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We develop and implement innovative technological solutions which ensure the efficiency of financial, accounting and human resources processes.

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International Network

We represent Russell Bedford in Chile

Russell Bedford is a global network of accountants, auditors, Tax Consultants and Business Advisors, members of the IFAC Forum of Firms, with 350 offices in more than 100 countries.

With the integration of Russell Bedford’s program for quality, standardization and continuous improvement, we provide an international standard of service that deepens our value proposition in all our service areas.


Technological Allies

“We have state-of-the-art technology for the digitalization and quality of our processes. Our technological partners help us in the development of efficient solutions to improve our services."

Addval has a partnership with RiskAmerica, a leading financial engineering company and provider of Back-Office software Backbone®, which uses state-of-the-art technology focused on process automation, security and operational continuity to operate investment funds developed specifically to adapt to the Chilean market and regulations.

This software makes data management more efficient, minimizing operational errors, integrating instrument valuation with RiskAmerica in areas such as accounting, treasury, participant management, reporting, among others.

Our back-office human resources services are deployed (or integrated) on the BUK platform, a system that enables the transformation and computerization of Human Resources various processes to create a unique management and employee experience. We design the content and implement the different modules so that the platform allows the registration and visibility of each process related to Remuneration, People Management, Talent Management and Organizational Culture in an agile and simple way.

We have partnered with Odoo, an integration platform that provides centralized and efficient management of businesses, from their accounting and tax issues to their digital marketing strategies. Odoo is an open and secure system that allows us to create integrations, automate tasks, implement workflows and other solutions customized to our clients. It also provides a solid base of standards for the correct administrative, commercial and productive operation of our clients’ businesses.



Merger with ProActive SpA and creation of Addval People

Gabriel Morales, Adolfo Ugarte and Bruno Ardito, outstanding partners of ProActive SpA, join Addval to create Addval People, together with Francisco Larraín Ríos. This is done with the aim of providing our clients with effective tools and processes for the administration, management and development of their organizations and their talents.

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Addval represents Russell Bedford Intl

Addval is appointed by the prestigious global network of accounting and consulting services, one of the 20 largest accounting firms in the world, as its representative in Chile. Addval now has the support and technical certification of an international standard. Russell Bedford Intl


Recruitment of Cristian Edwards and creation of Addval Capital

Cristian Edwards is hired in the company. He has an extensive background in Corporate Finances and its functions, developing merger and acquisition services, and debt restructuring and capital raises. Addval Capital is founded.


Merger with GEC Consulting and creation of Addval Consulting

After a very successful career in Latam Airlines, Jorge Ihnen and his partners at GEC Consulting decided to join Addval. Thus was born Addval Consulting, which develops a new business consulting service that includes strategic sourcing, process improvement with LEAN methods and optimization of organizational structures.


Recruitment of Alberto Pachana as Tax Associate

Alberto Panchana , with a distinguished career at Price and Latam Airlines, joins Addval to enhance tax consulting services for large corporations, in addition to being part of our Technical Committee and supporting the strong growth the firm is facing.


New Development Plan and change of office

Addval moves to its current office in Bucharest 150, with 620 m2 and a staff of more than 70 people. Moreover, PLAN 2020 is created with four fundamental pillars: People and team development, technological development, operational efficiency and high growth.


Auditing Services and registration at the CMF (formerly SVS)

Addval Auditing was incorporated on August 23, 2017 and registered as an Auditing Firm with the Superintendencia de Valores SVS under number 91. This important registration allows Addval Auditing to provide auditing services to regulated companies.


New Associate and Development Plan

Cristián Ureta joins Integral Consulting as a partner and begins a growth phase based on a Development Plan to improve professional and technological capabilities to address larger and more complex clients. It was decided to use the brand "Addval" and a new office was inaugurated in the World Trade Center in Santiago, with 400 m2 and very modern infrastructure.


The Company is born

Addval started out as Asesoría y Consultoría Integral S.A. with 3 employees and 12 clients in May of 2005, with a great objective: to become a modern service provider, capable of implementing the use of technologies, methodologies and processes existing in large companies in SMEs, providing them with a first approach to management.


At ADDVAL we are up to date with the most relevant national and international topics, to advise our clients in an updated context, identifying opportunities, trends and changes that affect the management of business and regulatory compliance.

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We seek and help develop people who contribute to our purpose with their own aspirations, who constantly strive to add value and make an impact on the management, organization and culture of our clients. In this way, we collaborate in the development of our community, participate in their professional and personal education, and support technical-professional educational institutions through integrated internship models that provide feedback to their students on their experiences. We also involve and encourage our team to collaborate with works and activities to support the most vulnerable.

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