Hardwiring Magic: the methodology based on Walt Disney-type best practices that seeks to improve business culture in Chile

The Hardwiring Magic methodology combines best operational practices with Disney-type experience methodologies. This adapts to different industries to form a unique internal culture that cuts across all areas and processes of a company, achieving greater efficiency and productivity, while offering an excellent experience for employees and customers.

Walt Disney defines his organization as “the world where dreams come true”, due to “the magic” that surrounds it. Basically, the added value is inside the company, as explained by former leaders of this global company who began to apply their model in other companies in 15 countries and, who are now bringing it to Chile, hand in hand with the consulting firm Addval.

“Hardwiring Magic has two main focuses: Aptitude and Attitude”, explains Jorge Torres, one of the creators of the methodology.  It is necessary to improve in parallel both the aptitude of the collaborators and the attitude, ensuring the correct behavior during the delivery of the service. This motivation is achieved when it is possible to connect the employee’s personal purpose with the organization’s objective.

“If you want to improve operations in any industry, it is not enough to modify salaries or opt for benefits; it is important to design with architectural meticulousness a fused culture, of which the entire team feels part, that understands and makes sense of it. It’s not the magic that makes things happen, it’s how you work that makes magic,” added Torres.

Another key element is to improve the measurement of business indicators, not only focusing on “lagging indices” such as productivity, turnover, management, or customer satisfaction, but also focusing on “future projection indicators” such as daily organizational climate, process confirmation compliance, percentage of employees trained, etc. From there, a plan with real objectives and deadlines to improve organically must be made.

“If the collaborators begin to see the fruit of their effort and their purpose, in addition to feeling valued for this, they will have a motivation that translates into meaningful work and the training of leaders within the group,” explains Jorge Ihnen, Head Associate (Consulting) area at Addval.

Likewise, the relationship with clients and partners will be favored, since a cohesive organization is reflected in proactive, personalized, and close work. “The magic happens when the customer’s perception is better than the expectation,” adds Ihnen.

Success stories

Viva Air: Colombian airline in which the procedures and behaviors were aligned to improve the performance of 20 airports in 5 Latin American countries, achieving, in one year of application, a 20% increase in productivity, receiving, at the same time, a 40% reduction in employee turnover.

Mount Sinai Hospital (USA): in two years, it was possible to improve the patient experience from a 15th to a 64th percentile, growing by 327% since 2019, in an average variation of the health industry in that country, which is only two points a year.

Corona (Chile): implemented in five stores located in Santiago and regions, achieving a strong commitment from employees. Félix Crocco, the company’s deputy Operations manager, explained that “with this, we seek to have a real impact on the way we do things, give meaning to why we are what we are and that this has repercussions in contributing our grain of sand with passion and commitment”.

As stated by Félix Crocco, deputy Operations Manager from Corona, this change seeks to promote the company’s culture, promote continuous improvement and operational sustainability in each of the store processes. “We want our teams to work with passion, to feel represented by each of our values and purpose, and to be able to convey an incredible experience to our customers.”

Jorge Ihnen A.

Addval partner.

PUC Commercial Engineer
Master in Industrial Engineering.

Expert in business efficiency.

More than 29 years of experience in operational processes. Former Vice President of Operations at LATAM Airlines.