End of the Year Activities

In January 2021, we wanted to say goodbye to 2020 by highlighting the work and dedication of our entire team. While we have seen everyone who is part of Addval do an exceptional job and overcome the great challenges this pandemic has brought, we did not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate those who have excelled.

For the first time, we had to organize this activity in an online format, which made it more difficult to create an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie. However, the work of our coaches from Leadership School, with the support of a consultant with great experience in this type of activities, made it possible to live an experience in which we were all able to share a moment of entertainment and reunion, through dynamics that strengthened bonds, creativity, communication, and teamwork, among other things.

More than 70 people participated in the activity and a total of 26 employees were recognized for their work, far exceeding previous years’ recognitions. Those who received such recognition were grateful for the gesture of their managers publicly highlighting their exemplary qualities; moreover, all expressed that the online session served to maintain their sense of belonging to the company.