Breaking down the fear of the presidential future

Just days before Chile chooses a new president, concerns about the possible scenarios overwhelm different economic sectors. Although the priorities or some metrics could vary, the uncertainty and difficulties go beyond whoever leads the country. Social pressure and political balance between the government, Congress, and the “Constitutional Convention” will have a risky and irregular dynamic.

In this line, businessmen must focus on planning that has as its starting point and central, this inherent instability of next year. What to do to manage companies in this scenario?

Understand the changes, be open to all opportunities, manage possible risks, and not be paralyzed in the face of adversity. Businesses must continue to produce and offer services, customers will continue to look for more efficient alternatives and the best value proposition.

Let’s develop competitive advantages, promote initiatives that promote efficiency and differentiation -that build sustainable value- and become aware of weaknesses, to correct them with innovation. If we are open to questioning paradigms, we should not fear changes.

Cristián Ureta


PUC Civil Engineer with a Postgraduate Degree from Stanford, USA • Expert in Strategic Planning and Transformation • More than 20 years of experience in executive positions at LATAM Airlines, including CEO of Latam Cargo for 11 years. He led the international expansion of the group of cargo airlines in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. • Was a member of the IATA Cargo Committee and advisor to the UC Department of Transportation. • Currently director at FCAB Group, Zalaquett Labels and Regional Foods.