Addval commemorates 8M

On March 8, 2021, we paused to celebrate and reflect together on the importance of women’s contributions to society and the workplace on the occasion of the remembrance of International Women’s day.

We believe that the event was an excellent opportunity to meet, share and appreciate the important work of all Addval employees in their contribution to the development of the company, as well as the pleasant atmosphere that distinguishes us.

Fifty-one percent of Addval’ employees are women, who take on various roles and functions, actively participating in the roadmap we have built, both internally and with our customers.

Francisco Larraín

Ph.D. in Education, MBA. Experience in education, non-profit institutions, and human resources management in the private sector. Director of continuing education and graduate programs. Specializes in organizational and human resource development, organizational transformation process design, and capacity building for improvement implementation.